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What General Hardware Category

  Hardware-classification is very complex, suggesting that the look is just an accessory industry only, but in fact involves the diverse needs of all walks of life, such as: kitchen hardware accessories, furniture hardware accessories such classification.
  The following is a rough hardware accessories category:
  Hardware accessories: handles, doors, windows, home decoration, plumbing, construction, decoration, tools, bathroom, kitchen, appliances
  Furniture Hardware: wood screws, hinges, handles, slide, spacer pins, hanging pieces, nails, heading machines, thread rolling machines, multi-station machine
  Cabinet hardware accessories, hinges, drawers, rails, steel pumping, pull the basket, rack, sink, basket, lighting, baseboards, cutlery tray, pendant hanging cabinet, multi-column, cabinet body combiner
  Die hardware accessories: red needles, punch, guide posts, guide sleeve, thimble, Division tube, ball sets, ball sets, cage, outside the guide column, independent guide column, self-lubricating plate, self-lubricating bushings without oil bushings, non-oil slide, outside the guide column components
  Marine hardware accessories, shackles, turnbuckle, chuck, swivels, rings, pulleys, cleats, headers, fairlead, bollard
  Clothing hardware accessories, buttons, string ties, hook buckle, claw nails, tie clip, pin buckle, military buckle, zipper, Ipomoea button, fashion button, beam rope loop, day-shaped buckle, Epoxy buckle, insets buckle , zipper head, belt buckle, hollow nails, alloy buckle, alloy pull card
  Luggage hardware accessories, rivets, aluminum bars, chains, rims, buttons, square loop, snap buttons, mushrooms nails, hollow nails, wire loop, backpack frame, triangle ring, pentagonal ring, three rivets, hand bags
  Window hardware accessories, handles, handle, hinges, latches, handles, hinges, wind bracing, pulleys, door flower, hose clamps, lock boxes, touch beads, crescent locks, multi-point locks, actuators, puller, closed door, glass glue, Samsung lock
  Frame hardware accessories, hooks, shrapnel, leaves, painting care, brace, bracket, tabletting, Binder, corners, straight nails, corner flower, angle, code nails, spikes, flannel
  Metal stamping parts, flat washers, discs, springs, shrapnel, surface cover, housing, signs, nameplates, marking, wire, fork, terminals, stampings, affecting arm, T plate
  Curtain hardware accessories, hanging folders, rigging, AB glue, SPIDERS claws, claw walls, glass claws, split joints, glass clip, glass, plastic, marble glue, foam strips, anchorage plastic, adapter, stem pendant, Railing, chemical bolts, glass walls, non-standard products
  Metal jewelry accessories
  Decoration Accessories
  General Hardware, valves, bearings, springs, pulleys, wheels, fittings, hose clamps, rollers, shackles, Nozzles, hook, Hoist, ball, ball, hoop, hoop, bush, rigging, rollers, casters, seals
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